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There’s nothing like being intoxicated by cheap wine and scrutinized by almost complete strangers to make one accept their social responsibilities.

i have been questioned about my intentions of this blog; what exactly i’m trying to say by publishing this material for all the world to glance over.

i believe that it was Glenn Gould who argued that the artist should be granted, both for their sake and for that of the public, anonymity. The artist/writer/ self-absorbed (none of which i assume to be) should be permitted to operate in the shadow of their work, unaware of the demands of the marketplace. Such an idea harkens back to Nietzsche (i think; someone has currently borrowed my Nietzsche Condensed Reader – seriously), who argued about the artist as superman. Or was he just babbling on about Superman? However, with industrialisation, urbanisation and the rise of accessible technology and media in the 20th Century, a new phenomenon has arisen: the cult of celebrity. Contemporary consumers want to know who such artists/writers/self-involved bloggers are because, i feel, they believe they inhabit something the general public does not. What it is they think they inhabit, i don’t know. A bloated ego? An overcompensated sense of self-importance?

Why this blog? To be honest, i just felt an urge to write. i had been dating for a year, became a bit disillusioned and one day i heard a documentary on CBC radio about blogs. i thought, “i can do that”, so i did. Yes, i know, the whiny, young and single urbanite stint is a bit over-done but i think i have a bit more to offer. No, i’m not that bitter, i just think that some people don’t realise what right bastards they really are.

Thank you for your time.

There will always have to be bad writers, for they answer to the taste of the immature, undeveloped age-group; these have their requirements as well as do the mature.



it’s strange isn’t it… the concept that i can sit in realtive obscurity on the other side of the world from this woman and yet be reading her deepest and darkest. the concept of mindlessly surfing thruhg other people’s blogs is well – a little voyeuristic. but i think i’m okay with that – i mean it’s really just another form of exhibitionism. the same as me having a link to my poetry site on this page. it’s a little hidden, but not really much and anybody who wanted to go to the trouble certainly could discover an awful lot about me – i gues i’m interested in the response of human nature to this openness about ourselves, our culture and our beliefs. it’s rare that i click onto someone’s blog and become fascinated by their lives – there are a couple that i have noted… mostly it’s teh links that they have found to interesting world views or trivia that interestes me the most, but i don’t find myself trawling through hours of archives simply because i’m enthralled withthe characters i’m reading. most of the blogs that i read, whilst honest i’m sure don’t really gather up my sense in any great experience of passion or terror.. they are jsut ordinary people living ordinary lives. but the fact that we publish it… does it make us ‘artists’ of a sort? does it then spur into discussions such as this one of the sudience’s right to comment or be served a range of moral or social courtesies?? i don’t know. i’m undecided. but let me know what you think. i’m so enchanted with this open honest policy that i have in fact included my email address. nizarre sn’t it?

i do not claim to be a philosopher or artist in any great extreme of the word, i’m jsut a sensible sort of a girl who acts and thinks too old for her age and gets a little snowed under every so often. i’m prone to falling in love and getting excited about new ideas and projects. i’m apt to read your blog everyday for a week and decide that you are jsut as boring as I am and return only periodically for a month or so….as if to appease my own conscious – as though i was making some great commitment to you by beginning to be interested in your life at all….

anyway. back to the blog. read on.

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