in addition to previous entries regarding the “want” lists. this contribution from her.

1. Smile lines

Chances are good that smiling occurs a fair bit and laughing a reasonable amount, and hopefully others are encouraged to do the same.

2. Mischievousness

Who really wants to be an adult ? I want someone to be prepared to be a bit silly, have a major giggle and generally be cheeky.

3. Passion

Need I get into specifics here ? Suffice to say adventurous, innovative, and stamina would all be rather helpful qualities.

4. Loyalty

You can’t beat it. Someone to stand by you, to commit to always telling you first if there is a problem or a transgression.

5. Creativity

Someone who thinks outside the hexagon, someone who appreciates others efforts, someone who likes to do not just watch.

6. Generosity

Not at all about materialism, this is about generosity of time, emotion, understanding, and communication.

when i have gathered myself together enough to werite about last ngiht then i will. until then the mood is somewhat miserable and selfindulgent. i’m okay with that for now and you better be as well.

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