Pets: none, but a few that belong to my flatmate

First Job: at a fish and chip shop

Hidden Talent: i can do the splits

If You Could Swap Lives With Someone for One Day, Who Would It Be?: my hairdresser = how much fun would that be!!

You’ve Been Handed the Keys to a Time Machine. Where Are You Going to Go First?: to see Jesus.

Thing You Can’t Do To Save Your Life: play piano

Most Annoying Habit: finishing people’s sentences who talk too slow.

First Album You Remember Buying: the Bangles greatest hits

Goofiest Thing You Believed as a Child: that i had been adopted

Worst Trouble You Got In as a Child: getting kicked out of home

If ……… Wasn’t Your Career, What Do You Think You’d Be Doing?: umm, i’d be a youth pastor or a youth pastor’s wife

Dream Duet: Dave Matthews and ME!

First Christian Album: DC Talk (Jesusfreak)

Currently in the CD Player: Nelly Furtado, R&B Mix, and Bob Dylan

If a Movie Was Made of Your Life, Who Should Play You?: Janeane Garofalo

Number of Speeding Tickets (now be honest): 3

First Car: 1983 Toyota Corolla rear wheel drive sedan.

Most Prized Possession: my camera

Best Gift Ever Received: concert tickets

Most Memorable Meetings: earthsuit, matchbox 20

Worst Lyric You’ve Ever Written: mmm… my eyes won’t forget the things they’ve seen, no matter what i put them through

Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen: Fire in the Amazon

Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given: Keep your mouth shut at all times and you still look intelligent

Cartoon Character That Reminds You of You: mmm… fat albert.

You’ve Been Made President of the US for a Day. What Are You Going To Do?: reintroduce prayer in schools

Word or Phrase You Most Overuse: wicked

Write Your Own Epitaph: she loved people

Question No One Has Ever Asked You Before: can’t think of one


Dream Car: 1957 Chevy Bel Air coupe

Pet Peeves: coming home to dirty dishes

Collections: cd’s, classic movies, books, photos

Dream Role in a Movie: buffy the vampire slayer

Do you like to cook: yes lots and lots

Boxers of Briefs: on me? briefs. on him… whatever.

My friends say I am: extroverted

Which describes you best, a hat or shoe, and why: a shoe – i’m always moving.

Best advice ever received: keep going.

Role model: C.S. Lewis

Something I always take on the road: My little tape recorder, so I can record melodies and songs as I am writing

First movie you saw as a kid: ET

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