nice nice. well.. the rest of last week was completely mental but good. the tour was hugely successful. it’s jsut sinking in how well it actually went. Parachute wants me to call regards getting them a spot for festival on either the mainstage or the arena. yayness. had great turnouts in Whangarei and on the north shore on friday night. then dropped them off at the airport on saturday morning at the insane hour of 4am. had a great week, jared and bec got easier to deal with, matt is always just a total prince and jsutin is great – i can see why jared and bec get frustrated with him, and him with them. they are very differently wired. justin kinda reminds me of the big brother that i never had. he’s great. i miss him already.

rest of the weekend was jsut really in recovery mode. went to windsor park last night and then to the pierces afterwards. nice nice. jo norrie and sarah were there.. i had ummed and ahhed about going but in the end i was really glad that i did. ended up talking with rick until about 12.45am this morning… i was chatising myself for talking too much and he kept saying it was a good thing because he hardly says a word. but i was a bit hirrified because i ended up really opening myself up to him and talking really deeply about how I was going allow God to be more intimate and how i was going to be more vulnerable despite the risks and discomfort of that. it was a good conversation. i was glad that i went and stayed.


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