mmmm. interesting msn conversation with my flatmate today = about how i am slowly being stripped away – i’ve come to recognise the process that God has me. it’s pretty brutal = but i know that he’s telling me to be obedient. silly me. well i know now that the tour is over etc and there is nothing much left of me to give unitl next year – i now have a few months of down time and chillin’ with which to get acquainted with God again… nice nice. actually not that nice and certainly not that easy.

but every day that i think about it more (still avoiding that daily dip into the word – bite size chunks when i can) it becomes clearer and easier to be content with this. trying to understand how i can achieve this intimacy that i long for with the Father – that is a little harder. never mind.

went to the movies last night with jo lynch. saw windtalkers = which was quite good! give it up for nicolas cage and christain slater… two all time faves! gotta love them. lots of those actors that you’ve seen in lots of things but don’t know their names. kiwi boy martin henderson from old skool shortland street days makes an appearance as well – and dies heroically – but a good launch for him inot the Hollywood scene i think. typical John Woo film.. although no white doves in the imagery this time = a butterfly. no resolution for rita the sole female speaking role but that’s okay. one of those strange phenoms where you don’t really want to watch – it’s all a little too much graphic death and brutal violence to demonstrate how evil the human race can actually be – in all honesty the movie could have finihsed 25 mins before the end but then you would never know if they actually won the island or not without opening a history book. actually, not knowing that much about teh Battle of Saipan, I might have to open a history book anyway. classic humour in the moments before one fo teh last crucial battles re: the development of humanity from the white man’s hate of injuns, to his hate of japanese and a quirky remark about in 50 years sitting down side by side for a bottle of saki. nice. cheesy but nice. “you think too much” “i’ve never been accused of that before”. classic.

today so far has been fair to middling. i’m finding it very difficult getting up in the mornings. not exactly sure why. finding it difficult to maintain my focus throuhgout the day – mm.. also not sure why.

going to the movies tonight… a bit weird to go two nights in a row but one deosn’t turn down an invitation from viv – you might never get another one…about a boy – the new hugh grant. nice.

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