rang cath and lawrence to see how they were doing – henry (7) had been at the hospital all of thursday night with what the doctors are calling asthma. trouble is, he has had asthma since he was born and his parents are saying it must be something more. anyway – they were exhausted and the other two kids were sick as well. so by friday night all five of them were feeling ill. offered to go over and make dinner but lawrence said “oh no, we’re fine”. he got in BIG trouble when cath woke up apparently. so i went home and grrabbed some DVD’s for a night on the couch – rodney had the kids so i was jsut gonna try and chill out. but then emily rang – and she’s been miserable and ill since wednesday. shewanted me to come over and hang out with her and jo.. so on my merry way i went. rodney was snotted wiht me that i wasn’t going to stay home with him. unbelievable. he’s so rude sometimes. not that i’m particularly hanging out to spend time with him but when the onl time he can be bothered talking to me is when the kids are over so rachel doesn’t come over til late – it’s pretty freakin’ rude.

so went to the lynch manor and hung out with jo and emily. watched ‘one night at mccools’ with liv tyler, john goodman, paul reiser and matt dillon. it was pretty funny – a comedy of errors were the audience is the only one with the full picture until the final revelation. classic was paul reiser in bondage gear along with leash. hilarious. and liv tyler plays such a good baddie. then we watched what looked like a teen flick ‘say it isn’t so’ with chris klein (from such high quality cinema as american pie) and heather graham. that was funny – quite clever in the wit department considering it was an american film. no offense intended.

then came home and crashed into bed. i was really tired. still exhausted. never mind – one of these days i will learn.


woke up relatively early and refreshed – how strange – might have had something to with the long list of things to do – pick up film, pick up prints, buy present for baby shower, pick up erin, baby shower, movie, dinner, drop off photos and then get home to bedin time for an early wake up for church. mmmm.

well picked up the prints – not some of my best wwork – but then i don’t know if it’s actually possible to take an interesting photograph of an office building and people working in it. hehe. then went to Pumpkin Patch to buy bubs pressy. hehehe. erin has been grumpy because about 40cm of snow fell on Ruapehu on friday night and she couldn’t go skiing being pregnant and all. so i bought her bubs first ski outfit which should fit perfectly when next season comes around. it was way cute. i spent way too much moolah but who cares. hehehe. worth it.

so then i scrambled out to ranui to pick erin up and we went off to crystal mountain for the baby shower – angie did a great job putting it together, but it was a bit weird – i was the youngest person there and the only one who only knew angie and erin. never mind!! it’s important to point out that crystal mountain is a very strange place – it has an unusual collection of newagey stuff to do with crystals etc, but when you sit in teh cafe there is a whole wall of wooden carvings proclaiming “rejoice in the Lord” and they play christian music through the store! it’s weird – but the food is good and reasonably prices and it’s a nice setting. it’s a bizarre place thoguh – most of it is total junk but they do have some nice jewellery. like really nice stuff that’s decent and not tacky at all.

anyway – after all the baby shower stuff was over we had another coffee jsut the two of us and then loaded up the wagon with the gifts (some very very cool ones!!) and headed home.. we jsut chatted away = and then decided to go to a movie (always a good idea but it makes three this week!) … we decided to do the chick flick thing and went to see the new Cameron Diaz flick, The Sweetest Thing. we laughed and laughed and laughed. some bits were a bit “there’s something about mary” (the glory hole, the piercing that gets caught behind the tonsils) but overall it was very funny in that ‘i don’t have to think about this too hard’ kinda way. alright! give it up how wicked’s that! nice nice. then we grabbed some pizza and took that home to brian – excellent. then i remembered that i still hadn’t dropped off the photos so i hopped, skipped and jumped over to the Shore to drop them at reub’s place. then i headed for home. on the wya i returned my messages of teh day and called carmel, the baby sis. she has a ball in two weeks time and she wants me to make the dress. she’s already bought the fabric and pattern etc in the foreknowledge that i would, naturally say yes, because i have nothing else to do with my time. haha! whatever. anyway. nice nice. so i will go over at some point tonight (monday) and have a look. mmm.

got home and the kids were still up at 9.15pm. wicked. makes for unhappy kiddies on sunday but his perogative. then rodney wanted to watch asterix cartoons and i fell asleep on the couch. it finished he went off to bed and i put on ‘Miss Congeniality’. ahhh, lovely. rodney must’ve thoguht i had gone to bed because about half way thorugh he rushes out to open the door for rachel. he is such a jerk. i cna’t believe that he brings his girlfriend over while the kids are there – what happens if they wake up in the middle of the night and find her in his bed? poor darlings will freak out that’s for sure – and they cry themselves to sleep at our place everytime that they are here anyway. i can’t believe rod thinks it’s normal. what a moron. anyway.


got up in the morning very very late. and then ruched to church madly, getting there 5 mins before it started (and it started about 10 minutes late.) i was singing in the choir so it was a lucky escape. it was an interesting message taken from Esther regarding women, appearrance and how we define ourselves in God’s eyes etc. good and thoguht provking but mostly from the perspective of interior change is great but how do we affect this in society? and chruch the second service took cath and kids home, while lawrence sorted out a car that ran out of gas. they were all still sick – i had gotten molly to sleep finally after about half an hour of battling with her and then she was out to it, but the minute she left my arms so we could go back in and finish our choir bit she woke up. so when we got back to the taga’s place, lawrence went to sleep in the chair in the lounge, we fed molly and then she went to sleep finally as well. fed henry and he fell asleep on the couch and then cath and i just chatted the afternoon away while i made dinner.. a big old fashioned spaghetti bolognaise. emily was feeling sick and she came over as well. nice nice.

then i went to windsor last night and that was also a good message and Christians and how we relate to authority, examining the biblical model etc. it was good.. brina winslade is definitely a good teacher – straight forward and to the point. easy to see why they elected him national leader of the Baptist churches. rick did the notices and offering thing again – easy to see that he doesn’t enjoy doing it that much but it’s good for him to be challenged i guess. he was looking pretty tired after staying up to watch the rugby. hehehe. would’ve been worth it, if i could keep my eyes open. haha. hung out with frances, sarah kirk, katie (my friend luke’s katie…hehe) etc etc. was pretty cool – katie was asking if i was going to be hanging around more – i said that it depended but maybe – i saw rick look up out of the corner of my eye. he was making pancakes for everyone. nice nice. at the pierces place, there was lots of boxing going on so me and dave (rick’s little bro) went fist to fist… and i wasted him. it was quite funny. they are a cool bunch of people.

anyway – then i went home, had a shower etc etc. simon is still simon. viv is away this week in fiji. nice nice.


so far i’ve done nothing of value or consequence apart from update blogger. nice nice. today will be a quiet boring day i feel as the guys are out of the office for most of the day, it’s sunday in america, jo norrie is at tech all day. mmm. viv is in fiji so the email front will be a little lacking. hopefully kirsty will come online later. if it wasn’t for teh internet i would go out of my mind at this job.

scary. me being out of my mind. wow!

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