well time to update i suppose. left work and drove over to the tagaloa’s to show them pics of lawrence’s birthday and hang out before picking up emily for homegroup. molly was sick still and grumpy, same with henry and cath looked exhausted. but we had fun haning out and had toasted sandwiches for tea. then em rang and said she wasn’t feeling up to it, so i stayed for a bit longer then took belinda (their boarder) with me to group. newly engaged couple laura and jeff were taking the study and they did a really good job – it was really well thoguht out and researched, they had some excellent points. it’s jsut a shame that our entire group is a pack of raving introverts bar three. me, kirsty and andrew. nevermind. belinda looked like she was going to fall asleep at any minute so we left pretty much as soon as it was finished. the most personal shoaring whatever that went on was me talking about how bored i am at work etc. wicked huh – really deep community building relationships we’ve got going on.

kirsty lent me the book of captain corelli’s mandolin. so i got home, went to bed and read it. disappointing how the endng is different from the movie and all that – but then some scenes were perfectly depicted. anyway!

that was my night. rodney had the kids last night so i woken up extremely early this morning with the piano being played. rodney can’t be bothered getting out of bed at the same time as they do so they are left to their own devices while he sleeps in. nevermind.

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