woohoo! i have something exciting to do – well not that exciting. in fact – i think i’m screwed in teh head if i think this is exciting but oh well – kate madsen from YFC rang today and has asked me to help her out wiht running their annual charity auctio – a big event this year they’re holding it at the Alexandra Park Raceway centre and expect about 300. so she jsut wants me to help out on the admin side of it etc… nice nice. good to have something productive to offer – jsut a one time shot. no strings attached. she sent me the job description and it’s basically keeping things running smoothly and telling people what to do all night. i replied – add in a hot guy and it’s a dream date for me! nice nice.

tonight is “to kill a mockingbird”, carmel’s school show (well actually her second school show this year.. this one is the highly prized senior production.). i’m meant to be going with jenny liddle but so far she hasn’t gotten in touch – one of those things my mum arranged because she decided she couldn’t cope with jen for teh night. fair enough – i’m not sure i can cope with jen for the night!!

had lunch with wayno at mccafe and it was decent. good to catch up with people. brings some light and humour to the day. very slow email day today – being that jo’s email has been down all day, sarah is swamped, viv is in fiji and kirsty is at work. danielle and i are suffering from timezone-itis – either that or her allergies are killing her OR (and this is the worst case scenario) kevin’s been on her back all day. hope it’s not the latter. love you girl.

erin had another scan this afternoon – i’m being horribly showy-offy and typing as i call her.. mmm so far she’s not picking up the line. i hate that. oh well, i’ll call later. she has been sick all week with a nasty fluey thing so i’m a bit gutted for her. she’s been off work pretty much all week, which is jsut as well as one of the teacher aides form her school died in her sleep at the beginning of the week. apparently the school has taken it really hard and she doesn’t really need the emotional turmoil of that. the funeral was today.

right. umm. yeah no i think that’s it.

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