no, really… majke that day super-speesh and designed to last forever. reall life truth from i’m all shook up.

“Candles are a popular addition to any wedding. Many of our couples have requested a Memory Candle to burn in honor of their loved ones who are unable to be with them, and sometimes in honor of the man who made Graceland famous, Elvis Presley. Memory candles may be rented for $9.95+.

Another lovely addition to a wedding ceremony is the use of a Unity Candle. A Unity Candle is symbolic of two lives coming together as one. It is a triple candle piece consisting of a large, ornate candle in the center and two tapered candles that represent each of your lives on either side. At the appropriate time during the ceremony, you both light the center candle together and extinguish your single candles. The lighting of the Unity Candle is a truly memorable moment during a ceremony. We have them available to rent for $15.00+. “

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