hello loves. well insomnia still reigns in Shackleton Road. while i’m lying awake i can see the lights of the neighbours are on as well. everyone in my office (being that i’m the only girl) keeps telling me that sex is the best cure for it. the rush of endorphins will send me to sleep. nice. no really – sometimes i wish i had no moral code whatsoever and that i could run out there and shag anything moving. oops. it’s that time of the month backwards… i normally feel um, heated… before the cramps and nausea, but this time it’s been before, during and after. oh lord, help me find a man. hehehe. it’s a sad desperate situation.

went to choir practice last night. nice.. was feeling bad when i got there… i had a phonecall from dad. they think that his medication is reacting to something as he passed out on friday night — he has no recollection of 11pm – 3.30am, which is kinda scary because he was out in town at a work function. he got home battered and bruised, his right eye nearly closed and swollen, a big gash underneath it and the left side of his head throbbing. linda heard him coming up the stairs at home and rushed him to the hospital. i said well at least the basics were covered, he wasn’t raped, he wasn’t robbed, he couldn’t have got anyone pregnant (had the big V years ago) and he’s still alive. unfortunately it means more tests and more weeks on the road to recovery which mostly consists of a lot of non-answers. i’m worried. on wednesday night i had a little premonitiony thing that he had died. scary.

ummm… then i went home, dropped andrew off, had a brief text conversation with simon trying to arrange a time to do some eastercamp brainstorming.

then i tried to sleep. i was in bed by 10. didn’t work though.

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