ack. it’s monday again. how does that happen so quickly? the weekend got off to a disgusting start on friday afternoon and only moderately improved over the ensuing days. the forecast? unpleasnatly overcast with dark clouds threatening storms.will pass eventually.

let’s start with the basics. friday = the moore storm. no really. simon was absolutely snotted with me. will explain in further details all all email enquiries. see menu on the left. basically put a thorough dampener on friday afternoon (including drinkies with the boys) and friday night (hanging out with jo lynch = con-air and nicolas cage nearly cured me from depths of melancholy, but not quite).

saturday we tried to sleep in rather unsuccessfully, but eventually got up and joined erin at school for a couple of hours. nice nice. chatted away about the ususal – everything and nothing, including the stormclouds hovering. the went to YFC charity auction and ran admin and finance for them all night. lovely to catch up with dear friends, scotty, goff, andy bird (who wants me to manage his latest act), lots of YFC boppers and tim prestidge.

tim prestidge:

oh, let this be an ode to he who wears red everyday, in visible places. he who is a childrens doctor, loves to make you smile and who’s mind races ahead of the pack in 14 different alleys to your own. he who is sincere yet carefree and never ever remembers my name, but greets me like an old friend. he is legendary.

that was fun. got home very late (post 1am) and didn’t find sleep until post 4am. stormclouds ensuing.

couldn’t get out of bed in time for church on sunday morning – so i dozed in at about 11.15. missed so many dear people including cath day… who i am about to call – apparently she had a gutting day with the new baby being angelic but austin being not so great.

had lunch at si and lisa dew’s place. also great. then emily and i went shopping and i splurged on CD’s. nice nice.

went to windsor last night and that was cool. went to the pierces place afterwards where dave tried to teach me five hundred. i think i’m learning just.

dani i miss you. stormclouds are still brewing apparently.

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