well, another weekend over. i’m not feeling too well today – sort of vague and fuzzy around teh edges. strange because i should be fine. but i feel rather disconnected from my life. friday was your average normal day. not much happened one way or another – i went home early and left for retreat with the windsor park crew. nice nice.

it was a good weekend but strange in that i didnt really know any of them particularly well apart from jo and alan etc. it was cool to hang out with people and jsut have fun but part of me felt like i should ahve been somewhere else the whole time. i’m not sure what is going on with my head. the meeting times were for the most part really good, but where i would normally have spoken up i jsut found myself being quite silent and withheld. rick came out on saturday afternoon and it was good to see him. he came over and chatted with me while we were watching people cane themselves on the trolley track…. insanity. we played some mafia and had a cool time with God in worship on saturdya ngiht. brian krum from Greenlane spoke and it was excellent. but i spent a lot fo time by myself this weekend – also a good thing.

last ngiht i went to windsor and that was wicked – brian winslade was speaking on communion. the message was really beautiful – moving and poignant. then we took the Lord’s Supper. nice. headed back to the pierces’ afterwards. rick and i were kinda chatting and james bowled up and said “is this going to be another of those 2am conversations that i hear about in the morning?”. kinda spoiled the mood. i think we were both a little embarrased. he watched as we played mafia and then headed off to bed.. i got home at about 12.15 and had a shower, went to bed. nice.

saw dad yesterday for a look at his new place and being father’s day and all. first time since christmas that all of my sisters and him were in the same place. weird.

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