ok.. i htink some of my posts have been mysteriously disappearing., like the post about moonstruck below. nevermind. umm.. weekend details.

umm.. friday ngiht i went and looked after molly who is teething – so cooked dinner for the tagaloas and held molly who didn’t fall asleep unitl 4.30 am. nice.

then saturday did some more baby prep with erin… and then went over to the lynches and watched DVD’s with emily while babysitting byron. nice. watched a great french film (subtitles) amelie… i love it!

then got the magic phonecall from my foster sister – she was in labour and gave birth to a beautiful 8pounds 9oz baby boy called Jordan.

then went to church. went to first service and then went out for a coffee with a relatively new girl called tania – she’s lovely and it was cool just to hang out and catch up . then i went back (slightly late of course) for the second service and rick was there. then went out for lunch with rick and jo and emily which was really nice. he is a good good guy. then went to visit jordan some more then went to lynches for dinner (roast lamb!!! yum!!!) and visited with gary who is up from tauranga and staying wiht the lynches – wicked to catch up. remember my friend craig? gary married his ex susan. hehehe.

then went to windsor park with jo lynch and emily – it was cool and went back to the pierces afterwards where i spent the rest of the night talkingto rick.

went to taga’s again last ngiht and cooked dinner, etc. had classic laugh fest ===

they rang simon (lawrence) cos he was bored and there was me and cath and teh kids then belinda had viv over to work on the bible study.

viv and belinda started texting him about something to do with the study (yeah right) and then he rang the taga’s back and lawrence “oh yeah house full of girls… blah bla blah” and said viv and belinda were there – at which point si must ahve said something about the fact they were jsut texting him because lawrence cracked up and gave viv and belinda the LOOK. hehehe so then lawrie spoke to him, then viv was like oh can i talk to him… so she did – cath and i were in the lounge cracking up = it was very funny to watch belinda go all quiet while viv was on teh phone to him … heheheh.

anywya – like 3 mins after he hung up my phone starts beeping… and i sat there having a conversationw ith him by text message … hehehe. and cath was dying wiht laughter – i was teasing him about his little stalker family .. hehehe. it was pretty funny.


funny. yeah .

cath day if you read this you are sworn to silence!!!

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