mmm… we love John Cusack. for lots of reasons, but especially for his courage to tackle this project.

mm. yesterday was an okay day. had lunch with cath, and we traipsed through the mall, looking for inspirations for the sewing binge we are going to go on. actually, i think it’s going to be more along the lines of i sew, she cuts and models. but that will be fun anyway. i love cath. she’s so real. she understands me really well, and i get her too. we’re completely comfortable with each other. goodness. then went to the church festival of worship thing to drop off photos and such. endedup rigging some lights for simon. things were running a little behind schedule. i haven’t seen him that frazzled for a long time actually. then went to pick up jo and emily and that was also fun. filled them in on the latest revelation/understanding. nice nice. excellent. so pleased. hehehe.

oh! and my grandfather.. he’s in a wheelchair now. he’s had a flu virusy thing for a couple of weeks, and is totally deprived of energy. i had to help him out of the whellchair and into bed. it’s a bit worrying.

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