welcome steven who sent me this quote-y quote this morning. from his own lips. (if you discover all my secrets by reading this you ARE sworn to silence).

“Wow – I found this wallpaper for my computer – it’s a very graphic picture of Jesus on the cross – it’s really made me think. It’s really not a pretty picture. It’s awful. The love of God is just so real and gutsy. I’m so glad that His love is like that, and not just the mushy feeling which Christians seem to assert so often! “

most excellent.

okay. weekend updates – i’ve been such a bad blogger… but i’m trying to be better. “let’s make it look kinda like i did this every day this weekend.


thursday wasn’t overly eventful, other than feeling so great about revelations learned mon – wednesday and feeling like God was back in play with my life bigtime…. simon had asked me to pick up megan and natasha (two of my old youth group girls) and bring them to choir. they hadn’t been feeling like they were fitting in too well these days. dropped them off home later and talked with natasha for a long time about where she’s at. we had a great talk and God was there so tangibly. it was amazing. i felt like i was back with a bang, doing what i love. and God is doing so much in natasha. wicked. hopefully she will be getting baptised soon, as we discovered that one fo the things holding her back is this little step of obedience. yay. thank you god for the opportunity. i spoke to si later on that night and said what had happened. it was wicked. i also told him about the whole realising that i was looking for the lesson in the wrong place.


well. i went home from work early. the old sinuses were making themselves well-known. that kind of offends me especially when i have to stare at a computer screen all day. so i left. i went home. well second home, actually. i joined bryan and erin up at the section and walked through the bush. took some amazing photos which i would share with you if i had webspace of my own. but if you want you can email me. they are fantastic. bryan showed me this wicked as hut (well, house) where this fullon family were living right up unitl the mid 70’s, it’s all falling down now, but it looks amazing. photos are great!! no power, no water, bar the tank supply – rainwater!!!! amazing. and then the neighbour on the other side of their block is a hermit type guy. he sold everything he had about 30 years ago – sick of the city lifestyle and society, bought an acre and he lives there under canvas!!! no kidding – i saw it from above. he bikes into the township everyday for his supplies, bathes in a creek that goes through the property, but that’s it. lives alone in the bush. wicked!!!! makes me feel all inspire-y.

after chilling with erin (baby is so nearly born!!) i went and picked up jo norrie from her place in Greenhithe. we went to sarah’s birthday party – a meal at Lonestar. it was okay – i mean the food was grrrreat. but it was all Parachute people, and as much as i love them, they can be a bit much. all this attitude and ego flying around the table. sarah looked so cute though, and we saw scotty and saw the new band merchandise. it’s spunky.

then jo and i went up mt eden. we sat and looked out over the city and talked… mainly about this guy that she’s met from wellington. he’s pretty cool – we were about to meet him for a coffee in the village. then we had said coffee – which was nice and he really is a good guy. he’s a YFC‘er and one with his head screwed on straight which i appreciated. afterwards i dropped jo home and we sat and talked some more about it. then we prayed. nice.

went home. slept. sinuses were crap.


mmmm. went to an art exhibition with anna and em. apart from there was no art exhibition. anna got the wrong wekend. so we ended up having coffee on K’Rd. anna is not a big fan. but i love K’Rd. it’s full of atmosphere and alternative people and there is the opportunity to have a whole new perspective on life. jesus would have hung out on K’Rd, i’m absolutely certain. afterwards i went back to the lynches place with em and we just hung out for the rest of the day. went supermarket shopping. it was mundane but it was gorgeous in it’s laidback triumph. nice nice. then we watched conspiracy theory on TV and slept.


i had to do set-up. blegh. and i had to pick up belinda. blegh. yucks-ville. not that i mind picking up belinda but jsut that i had to get up an extra 15 min early to do it!! and then tell her what to do all morning. she’s kinda there for the wrong reasons i think. but nevermind. service is service right. hula dancers in the service were classic.

you would never believe who showed up in the service though.

Ezra O’Leary. only the guy that i had a crush on for pretty much all of my childhood. we used to hold hands in the playground. he is gorgeous still. and a great guy. he’s a christian and he turned up at church totally of his own free will – he had seen us on Prime TV. wicked huh. we had a cool chat and he’s coming back next week.

fantastic. i could actually rave on and on about all sorts of things to do with how fantastic it was to see him again … but i won’t.

sunday night i went to windsor with jo. then we went to the pierces and had a picnic. rick likes frances big time. it’s becoming quite obvious, and that’s cool. weird but i didn’t feel a twinge or anything…. huh, funny. i must be getting mature or something. hehe, what’s with that? it was cool.. i dropped jono, the YFC’er back home and we ahd a great talk about ministry and church involvement, community impact etc. we talked about my old days with the Rock. nice nice. great guy.

umm… could rave and rave. but won’t. smarter to be a little quiet.

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