i posted. i swapped screens. i’m an idiot. i lost the post. i’m starting again. let me start with the thing that is most chewing my ass right now.

haha – in addition to the “civil authorities are dumbasses” file (actually i really should start one of those):


1. Inform the public of the location, Commencement times and estimated duration of your roadworking for no less than 3 days prior to the work beginning.

2. Thank the public for their cooperation during said time of operation, but do not actually complete any tasks relating to the execution or completion in any way of the roadworking operation.

3. Ensure there is at least the passage of 2 working days between the Estimated Completion Date and the Actual Commencement Date, so as to make complete use of the surprise factor on unwitting citizens. This will ensure that even at 2am, you can create suitable traffic noise, petrol fumes and irate driverws to ensure a truly authentic roadworking experience for your staff.

4. Remember that as Roadworking staff, you have the right to at any stage, sleep, rest, or consume food and beverages on the site of your roadworking operation. This serves two purposes. To ensure that your roadworking operation takes at least 1 day longer than the Estimated Duration of Operation and also, to ensure that any and all traffic harzards induced by your operation suffice throughout the duration of your shifts.

5. Above all, remember if at all possible, to complete all major roadworking at night, whereby drivers may also be affected negatively by early onset sleep deprivation.

Last night. 12.15am. traffic cones for africa. no actual roadworkers in site. it took me 1hr 15mins to travel 9 km.


also yesterday = had coffee/lunch with jo. excellent. will do that more often. then came back to work. worked late for the second night in a row – because of the damn mail merge this time. ergh. and i think it will probably be a late one tonight as well. made plans to have dinner with Tania on friday – cool as.

then went to small group.. i thought i was going to be late but i was the first one there. it was a bit boring to be honest. cool people, but not their usual exciting selves. rhys and jason were doing their best to make sure that everyone was laughing though. anna schmidt… big proponent of this.. it was her parents house and she has a harp. she is learning. nice nice. steven came – which was way cool = it was wicked to see him again but i was a bit sad that everyone was so vague and spaced out last night.

then i went and popped in on belinda and cath as belinda didn’t show to group – i thought maybe the simon thing was a bit sad for her – so popped round and then we laughed and joked with cath and rochelle = it was cool. dropped rochelle home and then got stuck in the nightmare that was the above roadworks.

right. i think that’s it. blah blah.

here’s to a successful post.

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