ok.. so i’m kinda grumpy…

music practice was pretty good,.

i went there early to look at the charts and ended up playing nursemaid to simon – he slammed his hand in the roadcase by accident and it was a little nasty. unfortunately it was his left hand as well. bad news for the wekend. so we did the whole ice thing – but it was still pretty nasty.

apart from that si had obviously had a bad day (i think he had a run in with the taga’s) but he wasn’t talking about it so i did my best to be entertaining and charming. nice nice. we had some fun.

then i went out for coffee with lisa. she has a crap marriage and she’s trying to make it better. so it was cool to chat with her – i need to call her again today.

then i went back to the lynches. and then the night became entertaining.

emily and belinda both work at kindercare but at different centres. but there is a woman (michelle) who works at both as a reliever. so em had invited her to church last week but she couldn’t make it. on wednesday she was working at belinda’s center and yesterday at em.. they got talking about church and michelle mentions how belinda was talking about the thing they did at the albany warehouse on saturday and how bel was handing out flyers but said she didn’t really do much.

emily says oh i think she was probably there for another reason wink wink nudge nudge

and michelle oh but belinda’s already got a boyfriend!

emily: no she doesn’t. she definitely doesn’t. we would know if she did.

michelle: no i’m sure. she’s talked about him “me and my boyfriend had a fight” and then she’s always talking about him and texting him.

emily: umm.. i’m sure that she doesn’t.. what’s him name?

michelle: ummm… let me think – it’s on the tip of my tongue = oh she talks about him all the time…. that’s it… simon. his name is simon.


right. i can’t believe he is letting things get this outta control!

right now i’m talking online to someone i haven’t spoken with for a while. he’s decided to try out being bisexual.

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