had a bad night last night…

i need to moan!! my mum and her father haven’t been speaking for like 2 years – for a whole bunch of reasons – but he nearly caused my mum to have a nervous breakdown. and she’s been in counselling to try and recover from it all… anyway – he’s done some stupid crazy things and he’s ended up in hospital and he’s really sick.

my mum is totally stressed out again by it – this old family friend basically went ahead and got pop to buy a place in this retirement village but he’s not actually capable of taking care of himself now, but too stubborn to admit it. anyway – sure enough he has only been there for two weeks and he’s been falling down and can’t get out of bed etc etc.

so now he’s been put into middlemore hospital for assessment, the old retirement village won’t have him back because he’s too nasty an old man, the new place don’t want him bakc because he can’t take care of himself. and he’s signed over a power of attorney to this woman who got him inot the mess in the first place. all she had to do was call my mum or me to find out that he wasn’t able to live by himself, but instead she jsut bought his story hook, line and sinker.

i mean i love my grandfather, but this is ridiculous. he actually forgets to tell people that he has three granddaughters – couldn’t care less about my life and is only interested in what my sisters are doing, but i’m the only one in the family that spends anytime with him.

so last night i didn’t go to bible study – i just spent the night on teh phone to my mum. scary scary.

yuck blah.

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