eeks. dilemmas

“tashimoto says:

what do you think of people that pilfer emails address off bulk forward email??

Danielle says:

eww… hate it

tashimoto says:

someone jsut sent me an email – they know me, so i don’t mind, but they must have got it off a mutual friend who sends those bulk forwards on without BCC

tashimoto says:

anyway….. i disagree with it in principle

tashimoto says:

but on the bulk forward that they sent me is the email address of someone that iwould reallylike to have the email address off

tashimoto says:

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle says:


tashimoto says:

what do i do???

tashimoto says:

ps – i lt viv pluck my eyebrows

Danielle says:


Danielle says:

you pluck chickens… you tweeze brows.

Danielle says:

ahh, go ahead an use the email address… unless you’re going to be a psycho about it. then I can’t condone it ”

ok, oh wise one. i’ll try to refrain my usual psycho tendencies.

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