see the thing is that according to my boss’ wife, the placement of my desk right in the flow of the front door means that everytime the door opens – my energy is sapped from me. mmm. go feng shui. but seriously – on days like today i nearly believe her.

what’s happened lately??


well i don’t think i got the job – everything was going really well but they had a last minute internal application that they decided to interview and i am pretty sure that was the death knell tolling. oh well – god’s hands is always an important place to put these things. and who knows??? would i rather have that job and lose summer harvest and eastercamp – … NO WAY!!

so we keep hoping and praying that we will be in the right place…

dealing today with summer harvest programming eastercamp staging etcetc. and a small crisis of sexually inapproriate behaviour to dela with considering some of my volunteers. it sucks.

oh well.

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