went to REAL at windsor park last night. i hadn’t been before and so wasn’t sure what to expect = but took the opportunity of not having to go to band practice to explore this community that i may soon be joining. these people are decent people, geniune.

was cool to catch up with mark however briefly, and the cheery punk redentions of SIlent Night… well the irony didn’t slip past me. someone should really do some workshops on the acoustics of concrete rooms!!! but it was good. it was honest and i think that’s a good thing.

i’m having to check the motivation of everything that i say simply because jeremy (who is one of the coordinators) is planning on looking up this journal today. i want to be honest but then again i don’t want to be incriminating either. hehehe. oh the joys.

i enjoyed some of the conversations that i had last night = and was reminded again = actually i was reminded all day yesterday that i need to allow God more silent time. i spend so much of my time multitasking that i feel his absence.

a couple of things that were said last night really stood out… young Nick shared about his thoughts re: the importance of the church… mostly what he was saying was interesting. i mean there were a couple of things that wouldn’t have stood the test theologically speaking but this one line… “God is Oneness in Community”.

i liked that. hehehe and then there was lots of sniggering about the creation of woman for teh purpose of community. hehehe. i liked that.

anyway. boss comes back to work this morning. nice boss not ooky boss. ooky boss has been back since monday but goes to Sydney again (only for three days)… blah blah blah.

yayness for the love, dani…. it gave me warm fuzzies last night when i went to bed feel very lonely.

i miss you so much.

oh the sentimentality.

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