well i tried updating yesterday but it wouldn’t let me. hopefully today blogger isn’t throwing a tantrum and it’ll all go okay. yesterday was a very frustrating day. lot sof little things on the to-do list that didn’t get done because of random people asking me to do all sorts of things. stinkus.

last night was also frustration city. i didn’t feel inspired enough to be painting, but i didn’t have a good book to read… so i ended up sitting in front of the tv after cooking dinner. we went to kfc in birkenhead to pick up emily’s cash card. she had left it there on sunday night.

i had a bath before i went to bed which was quite relaxing but then i couldn’t sleep so i inscribed the back of the Covenant painting that i finished last week. i was pleased with that and spent some time just looking at it which is probably somewhat self-involved.

today i have been working at youth for christ. i took a day off to get around the summer harvest programming. had an interesting lunch with glen bilby and john boyd. glen bilby whose dad had about a billion affairs whilst the senior pastor of a church. who went on to give marriage counselling to my parents. hehe funny. john is now married to my good friedn laura – who i haven’t seen for a while. she had glandular fever a few years back and is now suffering from ME. that’s pretty devastating for a couple who have been married less than a year. but she is beautiful. saw dean rush as well (former lead singer of sonic flood) and chatted briefly about getting simon up to play for harvest. nice nice.

dean is a very very good guy. i have a lot of time for him. for john and glen as well. we spent a lot of time talking about the christian music scene here, different managers and people involved in the “business”. hehehe. that was pretty funny = each sharing our various gripes and complaints. hehe.

oh well = i should go back and do some more work – there is a meeting for cluster leaders etc here tonight and i figure if i work all the way through then i will be sweet for getting the programme finished by the end of today.

woohoo. the numbers so far point towards having a 70/30 ration of non-christian/christian kids at this camp.

ok. i miss you!!!

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