well i guess this will be the last really decent update before i finish for the year and head up to the north to slog away at summer harvest. it’s an experience i am both pining for with a longing sense of fulfilment not experienced since easter. but it’s also ill prepared and i feel like i haven’t done enough. no doubt i will spend most of the 26th and 27th on the phone making sure that people know where to go and what to bring.

i feel a little sad at that. i would love nothing more than to have been able to give up this job and work in the YFC office for the past two weeks but it is not to be unfortunately.

ahh, there it is in the background. the magical sound of the boss’ keys jangling in his hand as he locks his office door. it means i too, can soon disappear into the Christmas ether. and a merry christmas to you too.

but hopefully the sun will shine, my car will be relatively comfortable to sleep in and God’s hand will bless it. it’s not like easter where i know that i can rely on my understanding of the camp and the people involved and the prep that i have done to pull it all together into a magical weave of precise timing and accurate programming. thankfully emily (wonder programmer from years past) will be there and i will make sure to keep her on hand for any emergencies. the biggest crisis at the moment is the lack of entertainment based stuff for the main meetings. crowdbreakers and more importantly the people to run these things.


anyway – before we even get to that… tonight is christmas eve and tomorrow christmas. what a wonder. already the year so close to over. who would have imagined everything that has transpired this year. the loves that have come and gone = none of them with any staying power. the friends that have left for greener pastures or are planning to. the sadness of circumstance that transpires to separate us from one another is also painful. this is a time for family, for whanau.. and i feel that mine is painfully dispersed at present.

i have so much joy for mum in mexico right now. how wonderful to be in such a place .. what an adventure, but i know also that her company there brings a mixture of anticipation and angst. i pray for peace in mexico. it will be nice to see dad and peter and roni and carmel tomorrow, to celebrate indi’s first christmas tonight with bryan and erin.

it will be nice to celebrate with new friends made at windsor, to feel at last, at home with rob and jo. as if i have found a resting place for a time.

i can only hope that the new year brings answers to many of the questions i have been asking, and fulfilment of many of the things i have learned about myself and others. this has been a huge year, of settling debts and accountability. of breaking and rebuilding. of kindling new relationships and discovering a new confidence in myself and in my faith.

and so in signing off …

danielle. you are a shining light. you bring hope and joy and peace, a comforting word in time. you are a wonderful reason to go to work each day. i pray that you have a wonderful christmas. i love you more than any words could say. God has so blessed me by giving me you…this is a long time to be apart.

and for all the others who read this, haphazardly or with intent.. may God be with you this season. to those who do read with intent… your faithfulness in friendship is dear to me. jo, i love you very much and some boy will be superdeserving of you one day.

right. off to celebrate the Saviours birth.

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