i’m starting to get excited about eastercamp now. well, now that summer harvest is out of the way and completed it means that eastercamp can have my full attention which is what it really deserves. it will always be my first love. so many exciting things underway now for eastercamp… i’m so excited… but check out the site anyway = you’ll be excited too. i’m especially thrilled with the air guitar contest. i’m starting to programme already!!

now.. from an email to a friend who has recently been made. he spent some time in Guyana last year… sounds wonderful to me! sign me up.

“so delighted was i to get to work this morning to discover that the boss is away until tomorrow.. which means i was able to peacefully and successfully complete everything i had to do this morning. so i had coffee with my baby sister for lunch and then i’ve been researching Guyana, as i must admit to perked interest, knowing someone who’s been there. it sounds like a vague kind of snapshot in time.. considering the diverse political, religious and social agendas of the parties involved. i can imagine it would be a strange journey from Georgetown deep into the inlands. anyway… looks fascinating, so one day i must see your photos.

i’ve always harboured a scant ‘one day maybe’ kind of dream about working with streetkids and marginalised youth in Brazil. it just always appealed and i’ve read some good literature/essays on the mark industry/social policy/poverty has made there. and the culture has always seemed so rich… especially when you move further down the continent to Argentina… which i guess would be an ideal world. work hard and for good 11 months of the year and spend a month in recovery in the jazz clubs of Argentina. hehe.. i’m an idealist at heart. i’ve spent a lot of time reading and re-reading in recent times the biographies and diaries of Jim Elliot… and whilst i’d rather not repeat his Ecuador tragedy there is a inspiration of sorts in his story… and i suppose in his wife’s story as well – so as not to let down the feminists!! :-)”

yay for making new friends. yay for eastercamp. there is much to be excited about if i can jsut get my eyes to see it.

mud is always a good place to start with excitement.

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