another sunset and dawn.. all of a sudden we are here again. it’s tuesday morning and i feel full of woe. it rained yesterday. greatbuckets of water falling from the sky and it seemed appropriate. for a day that brings with it sadness and silence in unjust measures. i went to see indiya last night and that made me feel better. she is beautiful. that children are such precious gifts astounds me… jsut watching them grow.. she’s grown so much in the 10 days that i’ve been away. she’s just gorgeous though.

angie and andrew came over to bryan and erin’s also.. andrew has jsut had more work done on his right arm… STORR in ancient runic.

mum came home this morning from mexico. she had her luggage stolen from LAX. rude. she had put some of her things into her carry-on.. but i felt terrible for her. and teh designer shoes that she bought in sydney last year. felt bad for those too. hehehe.

right. watched some dumb tv miniseries last night.. had all sorts of good plans for going on a big walk but settled on the deep conditioning treatment for my hair instead – it’s still recoveing from camp… curly is not beautiful at all when it’s poorly nourished. and dry. eeks. oh well… i reminded myself of the Tutukaka Taniwha. which reminds me richard’s band one million dollars is doing superbly well. yay for them. and speaking of richard… i’ve been listening to the ‘Live at Helen Young’ studio recording of Christine White .. which richard played on. nice nice. he also did most of the brass arrangements. clever wee bean… but don’t tell him i said that. i’d hate for him to get a big head. hehehe. as a bonus track on the recording, the demo version of Cupid has been cut. it’s gorgeous… and as a surprise also features my friend Jonno Franklin on sax. strange where these people show up.

ok.. i should do some work or something.. i’m haivng lunch with rodney today. faithful am i…oh well – it will be nice to see him.

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