well i didn’t go to the stunning portrayal of the life of Frida Kahlo… i’m saving it… and perhaps i’m in a spiral downwards that isn’t quite over yet. kinda like when i went to see the House of Mirth. you need to be in an appropriate mood. anyway. went home last night to mum’s place and celebrated the fact that her luggage appears to have been found courtesy of American Airlines in LAX. hopefully it should be here by tomorrow at the latest. isn’t that excellent> yay. it means that i am about to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. she bought us each a mexican blanket. we had dozens of them … well it seemed like dozens of them when we were growing up. i’m sure in fact it was only a couple that were dragged home from Tijuana in 1983. i love looking back at those photo albums – i must go and get it off dad one of these days. anyway. there is a lot to be celebrated in that minor fact.

i am emerged now in planning this trip to the South Island. we decided last night that we would be brave and daring and venture all the way into the deep South. so Milford Sound here we come. hopefully we could even do an overnight cruise through the Sounds. pretty inspiring i would imagine. I can’t wait to take my camera on this trip .. I can envisige spending hundreds on photography alone. which is okay by me.

somebody has been having a good read… hopefully the rest of my archives will be restored and then the somebody that has been perusing can have another jolly good read. took them long enough to find me, that’s all i can say. hehe.

last night after mum’s i went to viv’s and we had a coffee at Paper Moon.. the old faithful. i was pretty tired though so i’m not sure that i was great company but either way.. it was nice to see her again and catch up post Christmas madness. hehe.

then i made it home and crashed out watching some dumb miniseries about an earthquake in New York. yeah right. not a fault line in sight on that coast. oh well. yay for tv melodrama. amanda came around and hung with us for a while.

i then went to bed and did some reading.. was great to read some of God’s wicked promises and faithfulness of old, and it encourages me to trust Him even more than i do now with a view to the future. i have a lot of hope. i think that this year could turn out to be okay. well at least i’m growing.

this morning when i woke up to the rain on the window and the smell of a warm summer, all i wanted to do was turn over and keep snuggling into my duvet. i didn’t though. i got up and faced the day. but i faced it with the promise that God has my tomorrows in hand. and that certainly makes today easier.

i’ve been reevaluating my goals and life stuff. excellent.

i’m on a path. that’s got to be exciting. i need to call heather and let her know that Windsor is where i’m at.


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