drove home last night. whoop-de-do. the traffic was quite heinous because of the rain. have i mentioned that it’s been pouring with rain??

lots of cyclones and storms in the south pacific at the moment. especially this story about the abandoned boat which turned up hundreds of miles from where it was left thanks to a few big waves…. but there is more tragedy to come for poor Tikopia. the thing about islands is that you can’t bury people too deep .. and the wind and water has uncovered graves. it’s a bit terrible. the interesting thing for me is that this story 5 months ago would have been the biggest news out, but now it has to sit alongside the America’s Cup coverage.. and the juxtaposition is not lost on all. an ex-pat home for the America’s Cup has contributed $25,000 into an account to take supplies etc to the island…. and pointed out that he can’t just sit here in the lap of luxury watching the sail, knowing that they are suffering out there. good thing I say. another auckland businessman who asked not to be named has also done the same thing. that’s the story boys.

now if we could only do something for these whales… with the Bryde’s whale that was killed after a collision with a container ship jsut a couple of days ago, another one discovered out in the Gulf.. yesterday brought a mass stranding of pilot whales. it’s so sad. they are so beautiful. but i learned somehting i did not know previusly – apparently new zealand is one of the most common stranding sites. interesting.

right. tred to get up and go for a walk this morning but unfortunately the rain was still falling. how depressing. that’s okay though i’m sure.

i think that i have choir practice today. i think. but noone has bothered to get me songs or anything. oh well. bring on windsorpark i say, bring it on.

i’m trying very hard to develop again the habit of daily journalling the God journey of each day. it’s something that i used to be really good at but now not so much = maybe because i started doing this kind of journalling instead.. however, there is something terribly romantic about taking pen to paper. i hope one day some boy loves me enough to write me scores of love letters. hehe. anyway. let’s turn our head from that direction.

tony blair’s speech yesterday took a very interesting right down the middle approach to the US position on war in the Gulf. i especially liked the line “we want america to listen back”. i thought that was very strong.

right. i’ll go and do some work then eh??

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