well i have been reading ephesians 4 and 1 peter 2 & 3 today. spekaing of the believers in the unity of the Spirit. excellent. and a few other very valid points. i’ve had a somewhat productive day in that i have made appt where i needed to. but i have a whole list of things to do tomorrow. and that suits me rather well. i’ve emailled all day with friends and had lunch with one. i’ve been active. my body is complaining now about the abuse i’ve put it through in the last couple of days. but creaking bones and aching muscles have a pleasant sort of pain associated with it. the kind that lets you know that you’re alive. it’s ok to have that.

have been thinking about how at peace i feel.. everything is just ok. at the moment very little phases me. i am looking forward to parachute now and seeing old friends and new ones. i can’t wait to see leah. i’m so excited about that let me tell you!

and then lots of other things. being out in the sun and feeling alive and healthy. it’s so nice to just soak up the UV rays. i wish that i could do it all day long. however. tonight might be a good night for a bath i think. hehehe.


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