well it was a crazy weekend of anxiety and hopefulness. lots of promise and excitement and then lots of stress. i’ve told dad that my plans are to study at Carey Baptist College this year. it’s pretty exciting and also pretty scary. the thought of not having enough money, and having to make sure that this really is what God wants from my life. it’s all a bit much. so i’ve done a lot of talking. i caught up with the Ogdens my ‘other’ family over lunch on sunday and that was good. caught up with eddie from wellington in the afternoon and he was supportive as well. everyone seems to be on the same page with this. that’s pretty wicked.

i went to windsor last night and the worship was a bit all over the place. a little bit crazy. insanity. oh the insanity. but apparently they were talking about me this morning at windsor in relation to the fact that they are losing a worship leader in march and tim page who is the creative ministries pastor there and an old friend from mt albert days apparently said that i was good. that’s encouraging. it’s been a long time since i led and so it’s a bit scary.

but having lunch with heather today was really good because it gives framework to everything else. and she has suggested that i study through the internship programme at windsor park. lovely jubbly. i think that it’s a good idea. i don’t know where the YFC thing sits at the moment. but i’m prepared to wait and see. everything in life is changing. but it can only be for the better, right??

yeah. wow. i’m tired.

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