had lunch with heather yesterday and it was encouraging. i feel like there is a lot of opportunity at Windsor. I’m pretty excited about what lies ahead there. today i have a huge list of things that i need to do re: studying this year. i have to get in touch with WINZ and find our my client number and then track down my proof of Income for the past two years minimum, plus i have to update the IRD with everything… ie: current address etc as i haven’t had a statement from them forever. i am freaking out that i am going to discover i owe them hundreds of dollars.

still haven’t told mum about my plans so i will call her and ask her to have lunch with me today. in fact i’m going to do that right now.

mmm ok.. she can’t, she has to go over to the Shore. bummer.. i really need to talk to her about this.

man oh man. well last night i went to the movies with viv and emily. we went to see Two Weeks Notice. pretty funny really old hugh grant and sandra bullock – she’s producing quite a few of these babies now .. mmm. anyway. it was funny. it was cute. it was romantic. all the things that a girl needs. lovely.

wish i wasn’t stressing about this so much. ugh. i wish that i knew for certain that this was the right thing to do. trust they say! trust!! and the way shall be made clear…

so i wait on God. waiting. waiting. it’s a patience thing i guess. i’m just no good at patience. mmmm.

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