huh.. the old discussion of the online journal concept has been a popular one these days. a lot of people that i know and love can’t seem to get their heads around the concept. it’s funny when you explain it to people and you see their eyes start to go around the room, not sure where to look. hehehe. i guess it woudl seem bizarre to some that i would be willing to live my life somewhat in public view. and it’s true that i do ramble on here about all sorts of things that aren’t all trivial or meaningless to the larger scale of my life… mmm. it has me thinking… is it the voyeur in me trying to get out?? that i would so happily take the risk of anyone and everyone discovering my little webspace and somehow getting a picture of the inside of my head>?

i guess i’m trying to be as honest on here as i am in life and to have to two match up. so if someone really had an issue with what they read i guess i would have to live with that. hehehe.

went for a walk/climb this morning but there was no romantic sunrise.. jsut clouds and a muggy morning. but i guess i’m committed to seeing some difference in the way that i feel… i hate how inactive i’ve become and with easter now only a few months away i can’t afford to be lazy about it.

last night i went to mike taylors on the way home and had a chat to him and heather regards everything that took place in 2002 and everything that i hope 2003 holds. i’m still trying to figure it all out… last night i was feeling totally stressed about the money thing.. and i couldn’t find any peace or solace by reading the Bible which i normally do. so i chucked on an old CD and lay down to read the message version of Acts. and i open to Acts 3 (skipping over Pentecost…it’s exciting but it’s always where everyone starts in acts…) so i’m reading in acts three and Peter and John (?) come across the man sitting at the gate named Beautiful and he says ” i don’t have a nickel to my name but what i do have i give to you”…. it was encouraging.

then this song came on the CD… “silver or gold, silver or gold, I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold.”

i don’t wanna be super-spiritual about it… but i think maybe i jsut need to listen to the signs that are all around. i complained on sunday night that God hadn’t given me a neon sign in the sky. but i guess that’s okay. i know he’s watching over me.

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