well that’s it. i’m back.

let’s go……… it’s rundown mode!!!!


arrived down at about 8.45pm which isn’t too bad from auckland. parked jsut about next to glen, cindy and jeremy who arrived about the same time, found the tent already set up etc, so unpacked briefly and hit the village. wandered ast superchick who were very unimpressive… i had tried to tell people but noone would listen. oh well. caught up with riyan on the first night… he was doing monitors on teh arena so i stood in the crowd sending him texst messages. it was pretty funny.

hehehe. went to bed at about 11. sleeping on teh ground is okay – not the most comfortbale but it’s okay you know??


woke up quite eaarly so had breakfast and everything and was down at the moainstage for the morning worship meeting – that’s somewhat unusual for me. but it was good. tony campolo is always great. hehehe. and the parachute band are cool. then wandered around the village and drank some coffee. saw dave, brendan etc down for the day so caught up with them later on in the afternoon adn spent some time haning out.. ended up at the windsor tent village at one point talking about women’s lib having gone too far and women not ahving enough respect for men etc. which didn’t win me many points in a lot of places. hehehe … oh well. might win me points in others. dave is off to australia for the week – finishing up some work on the drought story he was working on at the end fo last year.

sometimes i think i ought to keep my mouth shut more though… rather than taking things to the next level all the time. oh well. but it’s interesting how that thought came out later on. saturday was tobymac – who jsut didn’t crank… out of eden were far better in terms of technique, crowd rapport etc etc. but anyway. i thought it was disappointing. but then … perhaps it was jsut that they didnt really adjsut to the culture of where they were.

crawled into bed on the saturday night after watching the final performance ever of the Kumquats. poor Sharlene looked like she was going to drop her baby any minute.

i did get a little sunburned.


woke up early-ish again… nice nice. saw paul burnett who is the new PD at Life fm and we will have coffee sometime in the next week or so to talk about stuff. i’m excited about the opportunity to maybe do some more work with them. hung out in the morning with jo lynch. john burns spoke on the mircale in a daddy’s hug. it was a powerful and moving kind of a thing. then jsut kinda cruised through the afternoon.. listened to jonno franklin’s band transport. they were ok. then hung out some more with the windsor crew – frances, carolyn and sarah were here for the day so had dinner with them. nice. then headed down the hill for the worship night. then finally saw jeremy again – had seen glen and cindy at various times throughout the weekend but not him… so it was cool to catch up = we chatted about all sorts of ideas for the new band that we will probably launch at eastercamp.. nice nice. it was funny. tree63 were awesome and the parachute band were cool as. then jeremy and i headed up to the village and chilled out for a drink – the plan was to grab a drink and then head to bed. but the drink grabbing became like three hours sitting and talking about all sorts of stuff…. sex and marriage and dating, hopes and dreams. the God factor, the letting go factor. the seasons of friendship. it was all good stuff. crawled into bed at about 2am finally.


woke up sleepy, packed the tent sleepy, packed the car sleepy and went to mainstage sleepy. listened to tony campolo and woke up a little bit, then watched tree63 one last time, then jireh and then made our way home. stopped in at the plug tent to buy a necklace and andy & kirsten gave me one. nice nice. so i am going to put plug stickers on my car. lovely. i think they make the grade. i love plug. i love andy & kirsten. they are windsor park-ites too. then one final goodbye to people as we were leaving and then we were on our merry way home. jo slept most of the way.

excellent. had a good prayer time last night. lovely.

jsut spoke to bryan and erin and it looks like i am taking photos for something tonight – some recording project at the university. lovely.

having tea tomorrow night at tony and heidi versey’s place. talking about easter and stuff. should be good.

i think that i need some help establishing my goals. mmm. might have to call heather.

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