My Life’s Purpose: You’re a giver, through and through.

And you’re also likely to be generous, thoughtful, caring, and empathetic-all of the good things, for sure.

and shape analysis, all courtesy of danielle:

The Square – Foundation

Position 1: This denotes that honesty and accountability are among the most important qualities to you.

The Circle – Connectedness

Position 2: This means that you feel completely whole and independent. Your strengths are resourcefulness and self-reliance and are often an inspiration to your friends.

The Whirlwind – Change

Position 3: You are in the process of some fundamental change in your life. Although this may at the moment be weighing on you, once you are able to accept this process as natural, you will feel a wealth of energy returning. Change is essential to your life and is the only way we grow as people.

The Triangle – Goals

Position 4: You have made major discoveries in the past by following your dreams. Realizing what goal-setting has added to your life has given you the ability to pursue the issue indicated by the shape chosen in position three.

Matching Triangles – Relationship

Position 5: You are seeking to dismiss the importance of relationships in your life for the time being. This may be a challenge you are putting off, or you are focused with a struggle for Connectedness.

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