so here i am oh God.

do with me what you will. i’m nothing more

than breeze making it’s way over hill

in the grand kaleidescope of structure and design

the life that you have given us

a dozen dreams a day have i

and each could be a destiny

but here i am, i’m still

fighting for completion of the parts

that don’t make sense.

excellent. i’ll be going to pick up my photos soon = summer harvest and christmas and parachute. lovely. hopefully some good ones. a year ago i was hanging out with benny k. and missing the boys. who are worthy of being missed.

today i am in fall down mode. i am planning and renovating inside my mind, and making my way through the murk. i have enjoyed what i have experienced this weekend. it’s so good to feel things, and to feel them deeply. to dwell on someone else’s pain before the Lord, to think about their crisis and be less self involved.

tom was back at work today and everything seems okay with that. which is good.

i’ll be going soon, i’m taking pics for some university recording project. woohoo.

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