left work and went to pick up the internship forms from heather. it looks like it’s going ahead. so tonight will be full of form filling out as well as catching up with viv. i have to do my enrollment forms, my student allowance and loan forms … nice nice nice. and then the internship forms. it’s all too complicated.

meanwhile i have in my hands a hot little DVD of bruce springsteen digitally remastered vidoe anthology from 1978 – 2000. lovely i say. can’t wait til dave gets back to watch it. and we are also goin to norah jones. which hopefully won’t be too weird.. nah it should be cool. we were textiong all day yesterday – i think it’ll be sweet. hehehe. right now he owes me so much money i don’t even know where i got it to give to him in the first place. so i told him that i own his ass. hehe. funny.

right. meetings with temp agencies today to place someone in my position after i leave. i will finish up on the 28th of February. ooh ahh. it’s amazing how God has brought all this together. lovely. and everytime i start to doubt he puts another reminder in my way.

i started this new devotional last night … i’ve been finding quiet time – not hard, and not a chore but not fulfilling… and strangely enough the devotional for the 29th of January was all about preparing for the presence of the Lord. application much?? the example from exodus where the israelites had to cleanse and consecrate themselves for two days before the lord came on the third day ( foreshadowing much?) and of course when he did come there were fiery bushes and the Ten Commandments… lots of revelation. which is interesting as well because Proverbs 29:18 talks about when there is no revelation the people stray away, but blessed is he who follows the law. basically saying that without freshness and communication (God revealing himself or me) that i am tempted to pull away, i get bored and want to move on, it becomes a chore… but it’s an encouragement to keep pulling through even in those times when it seems that God is too quiet.

righty – o .

nice ncie. going to pick up norah jones tickets soon.

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