ok. went home last night and then went to hang out with viv. got her hair cut. nice nice. then went home. went to bed. had a good quiet time. thought about the comparison aspect of my fears… ie: thinking about going back to study – i’m terrified of not having enough money – and i constantly compare God’s provision for me alongside his provision for other people. why do that?? it’s stupid. it’s like comparing tasks. dumb – God has called me to some things and others to different tasks within the kingdom and i shouldn’t be jealous or envious or anything. same goes for his provison… i know that i can trust him to clothe me as he does the sparrow… but why should i compare my blessings with other people’s and then get frightened that God won’t provide for me. then i simply shut away those fears from god, instead of bringing them to him. man i am dumb sometimes.

so. in the future, when i’m freaking out… jsut remind me that God provides for my needs, which he knows better than i do.

nice nice.

right. tere has changed her internship to youth ministry and she is doing youth ministry papers at Carey this semester. we will be classmates. nice nice.

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