norah jones is sold out. woohoo. i am excited about next week. if i can jsut get there. hehehe. but in preparation = here is a little bit of cigar talk for you.

Why I smoke cigars and you shouldn’t

I find it difficult to relax, to stop. A good cigar stops me wanting to kill people. The hardest thing about smoking a cigar is finding the right environment. A lot of people will happily sit in a cigarette filled room and choke to death. If you fire up a stogie you might as well be burning kittens.

A good cigar forces you to smoke it slowly, properly, and once you feel comfortable with them, you can understand the complexities of killing yourself slowly.

Cigars are bad for you, it’s often argued that they are not as bad as cigarettes. That may be true, but they’re not as good for you as celery. Cigars are not for everybody. I think you have to be a certain sort of person. I don’t mean stereotypical, but think, the difference between Bacardi Breezer and Malt Whiskey, think, John Lee Hooker and Steps, Big Brother and Blankety Blank.”

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