ok, here we are again. it’s tuesday. i don’t really have a fondness at all for tuesdays. i was born on a tuesday. but that’s about it. it’s still too close to the beginning of the week for me. but then again… what isn’t? the good news is that things are okay inside my head. although at the moment i feel that i take my life in my hands every time i get behind the wheel. i need to get my brakes done. seriously. but it’s still 9 days till payday. it’s only 3 days (well 2 and a half) til norah. that’s nice. i am looking forward to that.

last night i read something that encouraged me from the somewhat melancholic place i’ve been hanging out in.

John 16:23-24

‘in that day you will not longer ask for anything. i tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. until now you have not asked for anything in my name. ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete.’

it encourages me to know that the promises of God are real, and that he is a good father who only wants what it best for me and the kingdom.. so when he answers the promises he has made (promises for the greatest fulfilment) it will be in his perfect time, when i am ready and able to deal with it, and when it is pleasing to him. and if it should be that i am single forever. then that really will be okay. it will be sad and a little bit lonely, but it will be okay.

i think i am thinking about this because i am going on a dream date that’s not a date. ie: great guy, great show.. no romance. oh well. hehehe. at least i can laugh at it. only i would go to the sexy jazz singer show with a ‘friend’. should’ve known it was too close to valentine’s day. hehe. this is the first valentines day in years that i will actually be depressed. how sad is that. maybe i won’t be depressed.

i think i should choose now to say sayonara to this misery. enough i say.

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