right.. jsut ahd a late lunch break with tony .. can i state affirmatively that tony is the bomb. he rocks. his sense of calm is amazing. and i trust his walk with god. i trust him to be a man of integrity. wicked. and you know why? because he lives it everyday. choice. sweet.

anyway – minor crisis with the worship leader leaves us with a band but no leader. and a myriad of possiblities as to what to do. so it was good to brainstorm with tony about ideas. it made me feel more confident .. not that i was ever lacking confidence but it was good to touch base with the team. excellent.

well tonight i have to call my kids (YAY) and call teh band for propellor camp and try to set up a rehearsal – also i will try and call rick to get some details on who’s and what’s etc. nice nice. excellent – heather is right – this week is busy – but i am going to bring dinner over to the purchases place on thursday night – woohoo!!!


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