good morning

i have seventeen girls on my ‘small group’ list. that is madness. and i spoke to every one bar four of them last night. i had to work late on the stupid invoices – it was the month of maintenance invoices so it’s all madness. anywya – the exciting news is that moby is coming here. that’s right in jsut a couple of weeks. i think he’s playing at the st james. can i point out how strange it is that i don’t actually own a moby album – i love his work but i haven’t spent money on the album and yet i read his thoughts every day and now he is coming here… and i won’t even see him because well…. i have enough money for one more concert ticket so it’s probably going to be the Counting Crows on the 8th of March. nice nice.

anyway – i read this very interesting article about the new wealth – human capital and how it is changing the culture of business and success. i think i would like to read the book … and i like the way that he tests out his theories. lovely.

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