well i had a meeting with heather to talk about the pulse .. i am running my first night tonight and it’s a combination of being a little nervewracking and a lot. hehehe. then i went to worship practice and i am joining deb’s team which is wicked as so i start this sunday night. i’m becoming a member which is funny cos i didn’t know about it. and then yesterday i got enrolled and bought my text books. sweet as.

this week i have to get my brakes done and i’m getting the car valeted. nice nice.

on the other front… love blossoms. in the dark secret places. thank goodness camp is coming up. hehehe i’ll be distracted! lots of ideas and inspirations floating around. yesterday i bought an instant photo camera off the internet. through trademe.co.nz. weird. we’ll see how that goes.

last night i prayed fervently for some changes at home. for people to fall out of love where they shouldn’t be, for blinders to be removed and for God to do the impossible and the miraculous. and i totallly believe that he wants to and that he will.

nice nice.

i think i have a cold.

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