and you know it’s true .. the strangest people form the glue of society. so i’ve jsut been to get my car valeted – i’m unashamedly enjoying my momentary weatlh knowing full well that poverty is around the corner. and in the cafe drinking a flat white, thinking about the way the bitter edge of the coffee bean just floats above the creamy sugary texture of the foam.. i’m struck by the fact that my sedate ford telstar, that is a really a workhorse more than anything else is sitting there next to this sleek as silver BMW coupe.. and i thought somehow it didn’t fit. i am as much a conniseur of coffee and fine food as the driver of that BMW (that turned out to be a Prada wife no less… and you’d have to know something about the <a href="“>America’s Cup to figure that out.) there was she looking all gorgeous and ravishing in her italian leather stiletto boots, her D&G leather jacket and DKNY jeans. (i’m not kidding here) and swilling her coffee down. and i was there with my suede jandals, denim skirt and hair in a very uncool ponytail. mmmm. it felt like a strange juxtaposition… jsut like the punks of Berkeley pinning down Armani suits.

did i mention the rocks that this Prada wife was wearing??? oh my freaking goodness.

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