well i’m here. and i’m doing it. internship city. had my first meeting with heather and co today – it was good. we went for a coffee mairangi bay and jsut chilled a little bit. it’s a little bit strange to think about this being my place and my world and what i do. but i am excited. it’ll be wicked as. hehe.

last night i stayed home and went to bed relatively early. i had a strange dream that i was on dialysis and when i woke up this morning it was thundering with rain. like the skies were emptying. but it was nice. and i can’t wait to go home and be in bed listening to the rain again. apart from it’s now blue sunny skies as far as you can see.

just had a good talk to alan about eastercamp and things are coming together well now. i’m excited. hehe. it’s all good i think.

i have to sew some pants for eastercamp though. red stripy ones. thanks alan. and i am working on the windsor park hoodies and t-shirts. coolness. i think that i am going to do some wicked as research into chocolate brown hoodies. nice nice. and t-shirts. excellent.

hehehe. beanies are cool too though. nice nice.

i’m going to the bach next weekend.

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