Today has been a strange day and a good one. It started early in the morning. No matter how tired I am I can’t help but wake up early at the moment. Must have something to do with the sun that pours in my window. It’s been two nights of late summer now… where you have those blistering hot days that are full of sunshine and glory and then downpours at night.

I’ve been sewing all day. Banners and backdrops for camp, as well as a multitude of other things. Clown pants from this red and black stripey fabric that stretches like it’s made of spandex. Oh yeah, it’s made of spandex. Anyway. It’s a killer to sew so I’ve been overlocking for hours. So tonight I went to pick up the lights for eastercamp from dave. He’s get stacks of them… the regular fairylight king… actually the pierce house does look pretty darn cool at Christmas time… anyway I was picking those up and he asked if I wanted to go with them to the jazz bar.

That’s The Jazz Bar. Mmm. On a Saturday night. Listening to the crowdthrilling Darcy Perry Band. Mmm yes please let’s get excited for every Boss cover done badly you could imagine. Actually it wasn’t that bad. But it’s a week before easter and so I am probably a little grumpier than usual.

Everything is pretty much coming together. I have a few things to buy on Monday morning thanks to alan and the eastercamp chequebook . And then I will be off to Cambridge. I will load on the software and drivers for James’ digital camera dani, so that I can send you pictures as well go. It should be worth it I hope.

However before I go I have to write an assignment… it’s a book review. Nice. So I will probably write it tomorrow night. I still haven’t decided what book to read. But thankfully they are all small which is excellent. I’ll probably have to do some cross referencing or something. Then I will go to the library on Monday before I go to camp and do a whole stack of photocopying for my OT and NT assignments. Beautiful. Not to mention the youth ministry design assignment which is also due. Fabulous.

Well… yay. I think that I should go and write in my journal now.

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