I’ve just woken up. Hehe. I like having a laptop. It means that I can do anything anytime. It’s great! I’m so excited. I’m blessed to have it. Yes I am.

I’m tired and sleepy but I have a lot to do today. I can’t wait to get back online and start cruising around. I’m missing my search engines and moby etc. and adam. Hehe

Right. I think that’s about it. I just wanted to try it all out again. I was stressing that it wasn’t working.

I love you for sentimental reasons.

I can’t believe the way your love has got a hold on me. Just random thoughts and lines from crazy songs. It’s weird how they just pop into your head.

I’m sitting at the pierces which is weird enough for one. l am writing this now while the thoughts are in my head… I’ll load them up later with some more lyrics probably. I haven’t read moby for a while and no doubt he has lots of interesting things to say now that the war is over.

Frances and Jo and Sarah are kinda around…. They probably have something to say. They can dictate it if they want. So far there isn’t much thought or pattern to what I am saying. I’m feeling kinda weird because I was leading worship tonight. – frances says that worship was wicked. Which is nice … because rick said that it was just ‘alright’ and there was a shrug and a hmprh that went with it.

Now the discussion has turned to whether or not the laws or morals of privacy are encroached on by the blog thing. Which is cool. Some people feel very paranoid about it… by their own admission.

Anyway this is anti-social so I’m going to close it off… I’ll be back.

…. that was sunday….. below was saturday.

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