Today has been a really productive day in some measures. I drove into Hamilton and picked up pretty much everything that we needed. Then got back and had lunch. Trying not to feel stressed out about the fact that the sound gear and guy isn’t arriving until 5pm tomorrow night (eeks .. that’s Wednesday the day before camp) and the lighting guys just told me that although the plan was that they would basically truss everything and then plug in the generator tomorrow when it arrived that too has changed. They are not going to worry about doing that until tomorrow.

The marquee is starting to take shape which is great .. it is hard to imagine 1800 kids in there with good visibility and all that jazz.

I painted backdrops without too much fuss .. unless you count the spilling of four litres of paint on the concrete outside my cabin much of a drama. But it’s all mostly cleaned off thank goodness. But talk about stress factor.

Those are pretty much done apart from painting the outlines onto them. That will be tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon I will work on the purely artistic ones for the village.

The village is looking awesome ( I promise pictures to come!) with blue lights strung around the outside and the stage in. the coffee stall is loaded in which just leaves PLUG and Carey to come in plus a few of the youth group stalls.

It’s all so exciting. I just spent an hour on the phone with leah which was great…

Apparently Rodney went to our friends blair and louise’s wedding this weekend been.. this is knew because he called me on the way. Well what I didn’t know is that he took Rachel with him and it was their first public parachute outing and apparentl it was pretty bad, he just spent most of his time on the phone after the wedding.

Anyway. I need to go to bed.

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