well it’s been a really long week and not much end. finished block course jsut last night. raced home from talking with merr and catrien and raced out to see X2. better than the first one but i’m not sure that i would rate it outstandingly. intersting. anyway. played canasta at the pierces on friday night and dave & i cleaned up against sarah and jo. well not actually cleaned up. it was a good game in that it was very very close. we came from behind in a stunning display of last minute luck.

this morning saw emily, who is back from australia and then ended up going out with dave, james and jo for a bit of a photo shoot to finish off some film. went to the domain and i’m quite excited to get them back as i think i got some nice ones. then we went food shopping for the boys. funny. had a coffee and then went to church to music practice. i was leading worship. practice was awesome and i think that the service was okay. spent a lot of time talking with people afterwards. i’m quite exhausted and i still ahve essays to write for tomorrow but i think that i will leave it and go to bed instead. spend tomorrow morning going nuts.

mmm. joy oh joy.

ithink my blog is becoming boring. i must do something to rectify this.

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