Pay Attention to the Beautiful Things

so my niece (well my defacto stepdad’s granddaughter) was over here from australia. she’s only seven and they were here with the family to celebrate Granddad’s 70th birthday. they went up north last weekend to walk around the beaches and everything.. and she’s never seen shells and starfish like we have… the coastlines where she’s from are smooth as… so she was walking with mum and pete (Granddad) along the beach…and her exclaimations over each and every shell and starfish just got bigger and bigger..

every one she saw she had to show to mum, who then had to exclaim about it also… so after about half and hour, mum suggested that she show Granddad…

Granddad looked at the starfish, and said “mm, yeah.”

Clare was indignant, and replied to mum, “hmph! i CAN’T believe that was all Granddad had to say about that BEE-YOO-TI-FOOL starfish.”

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