Saturdays make me Crave..

An American Affair

i guess the most important breaking news is that jeremy’s visa has been approved. the contact in the states with the US House of Representatives emailed through today to say that it had been approved. so now it’s just a matter of waiting for the passport to be sent back to him. brilliant. and tragic. just when we got used to the idea of him being around. funny how these things always come through at the last minute.

Spiritual Retreat

today i was on a spiritual retreat for college. it was a hard day. i didn’t sleep well on friday night. i had dreams that were wonderful and frightening and extremely sensory. so i was constantly waking up. some of those dreams might be worth remembering. when we got there, we were given a piece of clay and we talked about the begging bowl. the concept was that we made our own begging bowl and laid it out to be filled.. whether it was our needs or our questions or whatever. so i was making mine but i thought that i had too much clay so i left some aside. the clay was dry and cracking so it was hard work. mine looked pretty rubbish at the end, smaller and with cracks. it was all rough and barely in shape. i was feeling pretty stink about it. especially considering that the girl next to me had a perfect bowl. anyway..

it got me thinking… and provided the source material for saturday at seven. all around it was a challenging day.. i might talk more about it later. right now i need to sleep.

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