<Just Another Day

today i had a meeting to go over eastercamp supervision stuff with alan. nice. it went well but dregged up some somewhat painful stuff. then i had a meeting with paul windsor about picking up pastoral leadership at carey next year. then i had girls group at carey for the first time. we just sat in a circle and shared where we were at.

then we had class.. intro to old testament. then i went home. i had the weirdest feeling from about 5.17pm that something was going to happen at 5.24pm. but nothing did.

then i cooked dinner. satay and rice. nice. then went to music practice and jo came with to lead a vocal workshop. then went to jeremy’s farewell drinks. needless to say, i was tired after such a late night and a relatively early start. after the pub we went up to the radfords. sat around for awhile trading stories.. actually it was mostly jeremy being his usual fine form self.

then he dropped me home. (ian gave me a ride). i felt dissatified with the goodbye. but there’s naught to be done about that.

dani i miss you.

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